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Hi, I'm Dean Poirier



I was born and raised right here in Beautiful New Hampshire.

Concord NH to be specific. As soo many in the area, I am a product of Concord Hospital.

One line of my family has been in the area for 5 Generations.

A Military career I Loved!

I am a veteran of the US Army that served during the “Desert Storm” & “Provide Promise” time frame.

I participated in the Build-up and training for Desert storm.   I had the honor of serving in the Humanitarian Aid missions "Provide Comfort" &  “Provide Promise”, while stationed in Germany. 

My military career was unfortunately cut short due to the injury to my knee that I sustained during the build-up to Desert Storm.


Service, Not Self-interest

Yes, I have ideas for needed changes to the VA and VA medical system that will save the American taxpayers billions, And ideas for changes in other areas, that will do the same in those areas.

  But, if we do not put someone in the office, that has the personality, demeanor, and willingness to fight for our rights, & freedoms,   And the rights and freedoms of our children and grandchildren,  then we & They will lose the America we love!

“I”  Am that person willing to Fight for YOU!!