There is No reason NH couldn't have more of this for Our workers!

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Modern Factories

Bringing Good jobs to NH

So, why is it that our congressmen are not doing more to bring jobs here?

Because they are more worried about helping their palls in the solar industry and other “Green Scam” industries make profits.


There is no reason that NH can not attract quality jobs to our state!

We have a very favorable tax code and our roads are the envy of many states.

Not to mention all the other favorable logistical issues.


All the Dems in office now are doing is selling us out to China by trying to get NH and the NH workers to rely on solar as an industry. 

An industry completely dominated and controlled by China.


Then there is the issue of a very low number of jobs created even if the solar systems are made here.

And since the US Government tried propping up solar before, with disastrous consequences like the loss of billions of US Tax dollars. (can you say Solyndra?)


What makes anyone think it will work this time?


The entire solar program is a way for democrat politicians to give favors to donors and pocket major amounts of cash in kickbacks! (They did it before without getting caught, why not again?)

Example of a Hi-Tech Manufacturing plant

Factory out door look.jpg

Like the ones,

 NH should be bringing in for the workers in Our


The Right Congressman Could & Would Help this Happen!!!