Here is my in-depth Bio. 

To give you a look at the life experiences that led me to this point, where I believe I am the right person to Serve the People of New Hampshire and America at this time in history. 

Yes, it is long but, that is because I have had to live in the real world, where things are difficult & changing and our paths can take us to unpredictable places sometimes.


  • I am currently a declared candidate for US Congress in New Hampshire’s second district for 2022.


  • I worked on behalf of multiple candidates in the 2020 election cycle ending up helping the Trump campaign hold down their main office in the New Hampshire GOP Headquarters.


  • Directly after the 2018 elections, I founded a 527 nonprofit called “The Veterans First Foundation”, or VFF. With a stated goal of finding more veteran and veteran-friendly candidates for elected office of all levels of government, from school board all the way to the US Senate.  see VFF’s website @ veterans–first–foundation. com 


  • I was a Delegate to the California GOP convention 2019. Given the opportunity for this position by CAGOP Congressional candidate for Ca 31st district Sean Flynn, after helping his Congressional campaign increase the veteran vote percentage by almost 70% from the previous cycle.


  • I worked on Sean Flynn's campaign against another Nancy Pelosi puppet Pete Agular, as his Veterans Advisor for the 2018 campaign after stepping aside from my run for that office. A run that I started because at the time it appeared there was no one running on the (R) side for that position and I was not going to allow the largest county in America (San Bernardino CA) to go unrepresented by the conservative voice. 


  • I moved to Southern California to watch my son play college football, rehab my knee from the surgery I finally received for my service-connected Disabled knee, after 15 years of fighting the VA. And I also went to get involved politically, by working for multiple conservative candidates in whichever area I landed. 

(And I accomplished just that…)


  • Before moving to California I was living in Concord, New Hampshire. the town I was born in and the area I was raised. Just up the road is the Penacook/Boscawen community where I raised my 2 sons. 

It is also where I had the Life-changing opportunity to work with multiple generations of young people through coaching in the Merrimack Valley school district & beyond for over 30+ seasons in 15 years. 

In the sports of baseball, basketball, and football. (Football being my favorite. Shout-out Blue Storm Football..) (A program I helped grow from start-up to tops in the league.)


  • At the beginning of the 2016 election cycle, while working for the Marco Rubio campaign, I met Trey Gowdy. I was able to have a personal conversation with him where he not only inspired me, even more, to stay involved but also encouraged me to run for office myself.


  • After taking over my case from the DAV years earlier, I finally received the first of my three knee replacement surgeries that I would have over the next 3.5 yrs. (due to mistakes being made in both of the first two surgeries.


  • I was enrolled at Plymouth State University in Plymouth New Hampshire in the psychology and political science departments.


  • I worked for and received a diploma in massage therapy through Hesser College in Manchester NH. Graduating top of my class only to have the financial crash ruin the previously growing massage therapy field. And by then, my knee had become barely functional as well.


  • I received an associate's in science at Hesser College, majoring in Graphic Design minoring in Marketing. 


  • I worked security at the New Hampshire National Guard facility in Concord, New Hampshire and as supervisor of security at the Bow, NH power plant for Securitas Security.


  • For about seven years I worked in the construction trades as a licensed electrical Apprentice and in the electronic security field as an installer/technician. 


  • While working in construction I also went to school and obtained my state of New Hampshire real estate license. (just in time for the housing market crash which put the housing market at a standstill. And dried up all jobs in the market.) 


  • Before the electrical field, I drove a truck for a year and a half as a delivery person for the local Lumber Yard, Steenbeke’s lumber in Boscawen NH.


  • Before that, I worked for the United States Post Office as a mail carrier in Laconia NH for a three-month trial / probationary period. At which time I decided that the Union-dominated Postal Service was not for me.


  • Before the Post Office, I worked for the Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer at the state prison in Concord New Hampshire.(hoping for that military-like brotherhood,, Yah, not so much..) At the time I departed for the Post Office I was working in the secure psychiatric unit of the NH State Prison.


  • Before working at the New Hampshire State Prison I was still in the active-duty military, serving in Louisiana during Desert Storm assisting the training of departing units. And in Germany for 5th QM taking part in the Airdrops of supplies into Bosnia during “Provide promise”.  At which time I was recognized personally by CSM of the Army Kidd for my contribution to the Airdrop mission that was far above the paygrade I held.

 (At times having as many as 10 troops from other countries that came to support the mission. In most cases needing to get past the language barrier as they did not all speak English).

 Ending my service in Colorado Springs where I was put out on a medical discharge due to the severity of my knee damage from the previous training accident. 

A service which I had been in for five and a half years. Unfortunately shortened by the service-connected disability of my knees due to the accident during the build-up for Desert Storm.


  • Prior to serving active duty, I had spent 2 years in the National Guard in New Hampshire which I left to go to active duty for the purpose of going to Desert Storm, which we knew as service members was on the way. 

  • Having no idea they were going to use the National Guard first in this conflict. 

(I understand now, God had other plans for me!)


  • Prior to the National Guard, in fact, splitting my service, I spent time traveling around the world to 11 different countries and in or through over 20 states with different circuses like Ringling Bro Barnum & Bailey, Knie out of Switzerland & more. 

All while working for my father as a Lion Groom, taking care of 14 African lions as he was a major star in the circus world. (Larry alan Dean) 

Traveling the World with him, I had the opportunity to do things like dining with the Prince of Monaco when we worked a circus in Monaco, having business conversations with Billionaires when in Japan with Ringling as their guests to the country. I Visited Temples that were centuries old, I was at the Berlin Wall before and during when it was coming down and when they opened the Brandenburg Gates. 

I actually took part, with a group that was chipping away at the wall with a sledgehammer, even before it was legal to do so. While others watched for the Guards. At which time, I broke a large piece off of the wall. Breaking it into 3 to give pieces to two German Oma’s (Grandma)  I had met & spoken with that had family in East Germany they had not seen since the wall went up.


That piece of the wall still sits on display, to remind me of the importance of that moment in history & in my life.

Too many journeys to list here but, everywhere I went, I went with the intention and dedication to being a good example of an American. All those travels gave me a new understanding & respect of the value of the USA and how much it was revered around the World for Our Freedoms!


  • Before going to work for my father in the Circus I had worked primarily in Construction & heavy equipment operations since I had gotten out of school.


  •  I attended Merrimack Valley High School in Penacook, New Hampshire.

  • I was born in Concord Hospital to a (less than wealthy) family, that had been in the surrounding Concord area for 3 generations at that point. My Grandfather Harold Pickard (on my mothers' side) was a volunteer Police officer & Fire at one point before there was a full-time force in Concord & surrounding towns. Heck, he rolled the roads for the town with a Horse-drawn Roller before cars and plows. (see Roller on display on DMV access road Concord.) & My dad was the son of a Local Preacher. NH is and Always has been, my Home!! Please, Help me protect her!!