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My Stance on
some of the issues of the day

These pages will give you an overview of my stances on a number of issues. These are not the only issues that I believe need our attention but, it is meant as an overview of topics that are on the top of most Americans' minds right now.


Defending the 1st & 2nd Amendments 

This is an area where my point of needing someone willing to fight for Conservative ideas is truer than anywhere else.

Anyone who even calls themselves a republican, can without lying say that they support the American people's right to  Free speech and the Right to Bear Arms.


The key is, to elect someone willing to fight for those Rights,  regardless of how the political winds are blowing.

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Law-enforcement & Policing issues

The entire idea of Defunding the police is absolutely Stupid to put it candidly! Is there a need for changes in policing in America? Yes.
They need more money so they can be better equipped and trained.

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What to do about CRT?

The most important thing a Congressional Rep can do about the Poison that is “CRT” 

or whatever name they try to give it to hide it from the American families, is to Stop it!

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