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                                                             Defending the 1st & 2nd Amendments 


This is an area where my point of needing someone willing to fight for Conservative ideas is truer than anywhere else.

Anyone who even calls themselves a republican, can without lying say that they support the American people's Right to the Freedom of speech and the Right to Bear Arms.


But, the key is, to elect someone willing to fight for those Rights regardless of how the political winds are blowing.

I am Not afraid to fight as hard as needed to protect these rights, because I am Not in Washington for an extended career.

I have no desire to stay in Washington! 

I want to fight for the American people and more specifically the citizens of NH and then go home to NH to live out my life. 

(Hence the reason for self-term limiting!)


Anyone that has ever met me and spoken to me, can attest to how much I support and love the 1st Amendment.

 If we elect officials not willing to fight to defend Our 1st Amendment rights “as I would”, in any way necessary, then what good are they to the people of NH or America?

It should Always be Service, Not Self-interest that drives our elected officials!

Without the 2nd Amendment to protect our other rights, we have no hope of ever protecting those rights!


The 2nd Amendment is the only thing standing in the way of America turning into the Hell the Dem/Gun Grabbers want for us!

 Again,,, Having someone willing to fight for the people and not their own career interests, is what the people of NH & the people of America deserve!

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