Law-enforcement & Policing issues

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The entire idea of Defunding the police is absolutely Stupid to put it candidly!

Is there a need for changes in policing in America? Yes.

They need more money so they can be better equipped and trained.
Trained better, in a wider range of skills. To make them better equipped physically & mentally for a wider range of scenarios.

More mandatory quarterly training. And that takes more $ not less!
But, any training or standard changes Need to be led and directed by skilled, experienced law enforcement professionals not politicians!
One of the worst things we can do to our country is to allow the undermining of our law enforcement system.
Just another reason the Dems need to be stopped!

On top of that,
Dems are using officers and putting them in a tough spot, to do their bidding and harass Conservatives, because of their political beliefs.
And That can not be allowed to continue in America either!.

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