Dean A Poirier,
Already Meeting with the Elected officials
that are Getting things done!
(Like SC Senator Tim Scott)

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Hello, My name is Dean Poirier.

I am a disabled veteran from the first Gulf War time period.

I was injured during the build-up of that war while training “live fire” in the swamps of Louisiana in the early ’90s.

Fast forward to now, after battling the Va for almost 2 decades, to get my care and benefits while studying and learning about how our elected government works (or doesn't work).

I am now prepared and dedicated to doing all I can to protect the beautiful Country I grew up in.

I plan to do so by, getting elected to Congress and helping support the things that Americans hold so dearly like, the freedom of speech, the freedom to run your business without the government closing you down unconstitutionally.
& I will fight to stop the Dems from all of their "Power grabs" throughout or system.

 I formed the Veterans First Foundation a few years back with two primary goals in mind.

  1. Find & support New (primarily) Veteran candidates for elected positions like local School Boards, all the way up to the US Senate. Providing both informational resources and cash funding, to the limits set by Campaign finance laws.


    2. Advocate for a Constitutional America, by helping to fight the socialist messaging that the MainStream Media and other groups are pushing.

        We will fund commercials & ads that promote a Pro-America, Pro-Constitution message!

Well, the Dems have gone way too far and we as a nation are in need of Reps that are willing to fight for the things that are important to most Americans.
The things that are important to save and maintain our Country as the Great Nation it has been and can always be.
So, I had little choice if any but to get back into service to my Country and run for elected office. US Congress is the one that I believe I can do the most good from.
It is not easy being a newer person in the political world, that is a fact but, it was never easy when Americans had to stand up and fight to save this Great nation so why should I let that stop Me?

In closing, I will say, 
Not only will you never wonder where I stand on issues due to my willingness to answer any question about any issue at any time, but you will also never be able to question my drive to work for You the voter, and not myself.

Because I Pledge to you right here and now that,
I Dean A Poirier will run for no more than 4 terms in US Congress, for a total of 8 years.
Making it clear to all that my goal is to Serve the American people and not my own self-interests!


 Once In Congress,
Fight for what is Right
                                  what I was sent there to fight for.                                 Not to Secure Myself a Longer Career!

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