This is MY arm BTW,,

 One of My Goals is to BRING the idea of Service Back to our Capitol.

Service Not Self-interest !!

My Stance on
A Few
Important issues

What to do about CRT?


The most important things a Congressional Rep can do about the Poison that is “CRT” 

or whatever name they trying to give it are,

 1, To help fight at the Federal level to keep the Democrats from overriding the States' will (so, therefore, the will of the people.) and mandating that CRT is in all schools no matter what the local parents want.


2, Provide help to the states from the federal level in any way they can! (As I will!!)

As in, helping to provide messaging @ the state level. 


3, Fight in support of school choice in every way possible and at every opportunity!

As NH has moved towards the idea of school choice,

 I will fight at the federal level to protect that right from the Democrats & the Teachers Unions that are trying to legislate school choice out at a federal level. Trying to completely disregard the will of the States themselves. Another reason we need someone willing to fight for what is right without regard for their political standing in Washington.

Bringing Good jobs to NH


So, why is it that our congressmen are not doing more to bring jobs here?

Because they are more worried about helping their palls in the solar industry and other “Green Scam” industries make profits.


There is no reason that NH can not attract quality jobs to our state!

We have a very favorable tax code and our roads are the envy of many states.

Not to mention all the other favorable logistical issues.


All the Dems in office now are doing is selling us out to China by trying to get NH and the NH workers to rely on solar as an industry. 

An industry completely dominated and controlled by China.


Then there is the issue of a very low number of jobs even if the solar systems are made here.

And since the US Government tried propping up solar before, with disastrous consequences like the loss of billions of US Tax dollars. (can you say Solyndra?)


What makes anyone think it will work this time?


The entire solar program is a way for democrat politicians to give favors to donors and pocket major amounts of cash in kick-backs! (They did it before without getting caught, why not again?)


Defending the 1st & 2nd Amendments 


This is an area that my point of needing someone willing to fight for Conservative ideas is truer than anywhere else.

Anyone that even calls themselves a republican, can without lying (in most cases) that they support the American people's right to the Freedom of speech and the Right to Bear Arms.


But, the key is to elect someone willing to fight for those beliefs regardless of how the political winds are blowing.

And that someone is Me, Dean A Poirier. I am Not afraid to fight as hard as needed to protect these rights, because I am Not in Washington for an extended career. I have no desire to stay in Washington! 

I want to fight for the American people and more specifically the citizens of NH and then go home to NH to live out my life. 

(Hence the reason for self-term limiting myself!)


Anyone that has ever met me and spoken to me, can attest to how much I support and love the 1st Amendment.

 If we elect officials not willing to fight to defend Our 1st Amendment rights “as I would”, in any way necessary, then what good are they to the people of NH?


Again showing how, not being in Washington for a career but for Service, is a key to fighting the tuff fights & not being willing to give in to self-interest.

It should Always be Service Not Self-interest that drives our elected officials!


One way to see my support for the 2nd Amendment is when I roll up my left sleeve to expose the forearm… (See photo for visual…)

As it says on my L Forearm, I will defend the 2nd Amendment!!!

Without the 2A to protect our other rights, we have no hope of ever protecting those rights!


The 2A is the only thing standing in the way of America turning into the Hell the Dem/Gun Grabbers want for us!

 Again,,, Having someone willing to fight for the people and not their own career interests is what the people of NH & the people of America deserve!


Combating the Drug problem in NH 


1- We need to bring some good quality jobs to NH.

Not service jobs like at restaurants, stores or other small businesses. Even those jobs are very important also.

We need REAL jobs in NH. Jobs with salaries that people can raise a family on. 


The reason for focusing on good jobs is if we have more high-quality jobs in our communities, not only will those already working be able to find better jobs if they desire, but those that fell into addiction do “tuff times’ will have plenty of jobs to choose from to get their lives back on track.


And with the extra revenue, the NH communities would have more funds & resources to deal with the needs of those with addiction problems

Veterans issues


As far as issues concerning primarily Veterans, I have an endless stream of ideas to improve the systems that are meant to deal with & help Veterans! I will put a few here.


If elected, I will have staff tasked with doing nothing but working on researching the Best ways to innovate and change our VA systems, that are not only more responsive to Veterans needs but also will save the US Government. “therefore the American people” billions per year in costs once implemented. Working with the best, most innovative minds in the area of large-scale data processing and security protection.

So the VA & VA Medical systems can change in a positive way, as we update and move into the future.

A future that doesn’t see a Veteran of any kind die because they could not get the care that the VA and therefore the US government owes that veteran! 


We also need a system in place that better prepares our military men & women to fit back into civilian life.

We spend months or years training them to be “servicemembers” and then when we are done with them, we drop them on the street with some voluntary programs they can “maybe find” if they try hard enough… And call that good. 

For some, it may be good enough,,. But for many, it is completely insufficient and in my opinion downright cruel for that to be all we offer.

We need to look at developing a much more effective way to out-process our service members.

Keeping Voting/elections run at the State level
This one's header says it ALL!!! Period!!!
                            Law-enforcement & Policing issues

The entire idea of Defunding the police is absolutely Stupid to put it candidly! Is there a need for changes in policing in America? Yes.
They need more money so they can be better equipped and trained.
Trained better, in a wider range of skills. To make them better equipped physically & mentally for a wider range of scenarios.
More mandatory quarterly training. And that takes more $ not less!
But, any training or standard changes Need to be led and directed by skilled, experienced law enforcement professionals!
One of the worst things we can do to our country is to allow the undermining of our law enforcement system.
Just another reason the Dems need to be stopped!
They are using officers in a tough spot, to do their bidding and harass Conservatives because of their political beliefs.
And That can not be allowed to continue in America.