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Veterans issues

As far as issues concerning primarily Veterans, I have an endless stream of ideas to improve the systems that are meant to deal with & help Veterans! I will put a few here.


If elected, I will have staff tasked with doing nothing but working on researching the Best ways to innovate and change our VA systems, that are not only more responsive to Veterans needs but also will save the US Government. “therefore the American people” billions per year in costs once implemented. Working with the best, most innovative minds in the area of large-scale data processing and security protection.

So the VA & VA Medical systems can change in a positive way, as we update and move into the future.

A future that doesn’t see a Veteran of any kind die because they could not get the care that the VA and therefore the US government owes that veteran! 


We also need a system in place that better prepares our military men & women to fit back into civilian life.

We spend months or years training them to be “servicemembers” and then when we are done with them, we drop them on the street with some voluntary programs they can “maybe find” if they try hard enough… And call that good. 

For some, it may be good enough,,. But for many, it is completely insufficient and in my opinion downright cruel for that to be all we offer.

We need to look at developing a much more effective way to out-process our service members.

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