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What to do about CRT?

The most important things a Congressional Rep can do about the Poison that is “CRT” 

or whatever name they trying to give it are,

 1, To help fight at the Federal level to keep the Democrats from overriding the States' will (so, therefore, the will of the people.) and mandating that CRT is in all schools no matter what the local parents want.


2, Provide help to the states from the federal level in any way they can! (As I will!!)

As in, helping to provide messaging @ the state level. 


3, Fight in support of school choice in every way possible and at every opportunity!

As NH has moved towards the idea of school choice,

 I will fight at the federal level to protect that right from the Democrats & the Teachers Unions that are trying to legislate school choice out at a federal level. Trying to completely disregard the will of the States themselves. Another reason we need someone willing to fight for what is right without regard for their political standing in Washington.

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